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Atomic Content Process

The letters I N being erased with a pencil from the word inaccessible.

Our work empowers educators and learners through content-first digital applications that make a difference, and as content engineers, we believe that content is the critical component. We build content workflow solutions, including content and asset management, that make effective digital applications possible.

About Our Expertise

Our content engineers have been at the forefront of ed-tech for over twenty years, assisting partners in content extraction, format structuring, and content delivery for application development. In that time, we have developed a process that works in the real world of complex teams with multiple talents working in parallel.

Our work at Atomic often extends to building the products that depend on the content. So we give content a seat at the table during digital product development by including content engineering from the initial authoring prototypes to the digital experience in the classroom, keeping in mind the team players involved in making it all happen. 

A Closer Look at Our Process

1. Project Discovery

Every project starts with a rapid discovery phase to align our team with your goals, timelines, and requirements. By answering the fundamental questions of who are the users, what is the product, and how is the content created, we lay the groundwork for a project's success.

  • The Users: Our focus spans internal roles—authors, editors, instructional designers, visual designers, and software engineers—to the students, parents, and teachers, so that content and data meet real-world needs.

  • The Goals: We dive deep into project, business, technical, content, and design goals, so that we really get what you want to build.

  • The Content: We analyze content types, formats, and workflows, so that we can propose solutions that improve content management, enhance accessibility, and deliver the right content to the right users.

2. Planning and Prototyping

After discovery, we move into planning and prototyping, using what we learned in discovery to confirm the approach and demonstrate how the approach is going to work with proofs-of-concept.

3. Workflow Implementation 

Our agile-based implementation phase emphasizes transparency, inspection, and adaptation. It breaks down the work into manageable sprints to clearly define the tasks, deliver incrementally, adjust based on the results, and meet the desired timelines.

4. Project Completion and Support

The journey doesn't end when the implementation portion of the project is completed. We provide training, knowledge transfer, and ongoing support to ensure smooth transitions and sustained success for our clients.

Let's Collaborate on Your Next Project

Atomic is about content engineering solutions; we're also about creating lasting partnerships that drive innovation in the ed-tech space. Whether you're navigating how to create an impact with an interactive product from existing content or looking to enhance your digital content workflows, our team is ready to bring our proven process to your next project. 

Request a personalized demo and witness firsthand how we seamlessly integrate the latest content standards and technologies into our solutions:

  • Applying CCSS and other state standards

  • Interactive CMS demonstration

  • Seamless workflow integration

  • Content transformation


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